Why Viva Napoli?


Making the most authentic Neapolitan pizza has become a competitive sport in Toronto, and Viva Napoli is a worthy rival. The menu offers 23 pies priced between $10 and $25. The classic Margherita has a lightly blistered crust, and is chewy, crispy and slathered with the requisite amount of tomato and Fior di latte to form a gooey, sightly sweet sauce. The Bresola  is topped with peppery arugula, thin slices of ruby-red cured beef tenderloin and crystalline flakes of salty Grana Padano. Its spectacular...


Toronto Life Magazine April 2013



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“The authentic Neapolitan Pizza” 


Please allow me to introduce you to a true authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. I have lived in Napoli, Italy, for a large part of my life and to this day return several times a year. Every trip to Napoli always includes several stops at my favourite pizzerias, where this has helped me acquire an experienced palate for judging a Neapolitan pizza. Our mission is to serve you the best Neapolitan pizza you have ever eaten, We have a top Neapolitan Pizzaiolo from Italy and our staff is well suited to serve and help you in your selection. The simplicity of the menu is intentional. Quality not quantity. Enjoy, what in my opinion is a truly great pizza, even by Neapolitan standards.


Giustino Iorio

Vincenzo Iorio



“The authentic Neapolitan Pizza” 


Vincenzo is a certified pizza chef with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. He proudly displays his talent and ability to produce  authentic Neapolitan pies that will keep you coming back for more. His father Giustino has continued to pass down the family legacy that was passed on to him for the next generation to come. Neapolitan pizza is and always will be the Iorio family tradition!


Vincenzo Iorio

The Best Neapolitan Pizza in Toronto!

You be the Judge!